Best beginners CBD products

Trying CBD can be quite intimidating for the first time. There are many CBD products on the market making it harder to know where to start. If you’re someone thinking about trying CBD, HempedNYC is here to help. There’s never been a better time to get started while we’re all still staying home.

For those who are not very familiar with CBD, the compound is derived from the cannabis plant and is said to provide pain relief, supports antiinflammatory effects, and can even manage some symptoms such as depression and anxiety. One of the main reasons CBD has soared in popularity is because it doesn’t produce psychoactive effects, making the product widely available for a variety of people.

Learning to use CBD at a time where we all are looking to alleviate some stress during the pandemic, is the perfect time as we all quarantine at home learning how to cope with our anxiety and stress.

Here are a few CBD products Hemped recommends for newbies, whether you’re looking to invest in CBD for the long haul, or simply looking to dip your toes into the world for CBD:


As more people are now looking to workout at home instead of going to the gym, this can cause a different impact on the body. For those who are used to playing sports or using machines at the gym, this change can be quite different. In-home workouts rely mostly on using your own body weight to build muscle or makeshift weights. These workouts utilizes muscles that are rarely used. While this is considered a good change, It can be quite tough on your weaker muscles. This is when CBD balms/creams can provide plenty of relief. CBD Topicals are known for pain management and inflammation, which can provide effective results. Just like our CBD Salve plus relief cream.

Bath Bombs

Everyone loves a good bath bomb! There’s nothing better than a nice relaxing bath to release some stress after a hard day at work. CBD bath bombs are the best products that provide you with hydration and nourishment all while having a fun time in the bath. Not only will you be able to relax, CBD bath bombs also have anti-inflammatory benefits. Perfect for those days when you need extra care.


These sweet treats are the perfect product for those who are curious about the compound’s benefits! Gummies can be one of the best introductory CBD products for newbies. They can help treat mild symptoms of anxiety, stress, and much more. It can be the perfect treat for those who are nervous to start out with oil or flower. Carefully made for those seeking a tasteful CBD treat that can be enjoyed and help regulate mood and well-being.

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