Hemp CBD or Marijuana CBD?

Many people ask if CBD derived from hemp is the same as CBD derived from Marijuana. This is a complex topic to deal with. CBD is CBD, regardless of where that compound comes from. It is similar to getting vitamin c from an orange or receiving it from a carrot. They are both have the same compound. With that being said, all hemp products and CBD products are not the same. CBD derived from hemp will have THC levels below .3% and therefore will be completely non psychoactive. Many CBD products that come from marijuana will have larger amounts of THC present and therefore could get you high depending on the amounts of CBD and THC.

Even hemp derived CBD products can differ greatly. Some products will strictly contain the cannabinoid CBD. Other hemp derived products, including hemp leaves/flowers, will contain a spectrum of cannabinoids including CBD.  The product may also contain CBN, CBC, and CBL to just name a few. If the hemp derived CBD product has a full spectrum of other cannabinoids then the product is different than pure extracted CBD. It consequently could have different effects. If the hemp extract has additional cannabinoids it is often labeled as being a “full spectrum” product.

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